Privacy Policy is powered by Ablative Hosting Ltd and Brass Horn Communications - as the UKs leading dedicated operators of Tor anonymity infrastructure we believe that respecting your privacy is of the utmost importance.

We don't log IP addresses when you visit, we provide this website as an EV TLS secured version 2 .onion and a 'Next-Generation' Version 3 .onion, we don't require any personal data to use our services and we support privacy focused cryptocurrencies such as Monero and ZCash

  • We store as little data as possible - any data that is stored is deleted almost immediately once your container is terminated.
    Data Stored:
    • cryptocurrency address (until such point that enough confirmations have been logged)
    • container names (lifetime of the container)
    • .onion addresses (lifetime of the container)
    • OnionContainer IDs (lifetime of the container)
    • Email addresses and content (if you send us an email an encrypted copy will reside on the ProtonMail servers in Switzerland till we delete it)
  • We do not ask for any personally identifying information.
  • We do not provide any personal information to third parties;
    • Unless ordered to do so by a UK Court order
    • Even in those circumstances we have no information to hand over
  • You have lots of privacy rights
  • We strongly recommend you use our Tor Onion Services and disable Javascript
  • Our datacenters are mostly in the UK and all servers on which containers are launched are within the EEA, our email is provided by ProtonMail in Switzerland