Who Needs Onion Service Hosted Containers?

Female software developer with her laptop

Software Developers

With OnionContainers you can run your software via a censorship resistant, encrypted, ephemeral container without you or your visitors needing to share any personal information.

We also provide a Docker Registry accessible via an EV TLS .onion allowing you to store images for later use on our platform or to pull down to your local machine at no extra cost.

Female journalist using a phone and a computer


Journalists may need to publish something for a short period of time in a manner that is both anonymous for them and the intended reader. Maybe they just want to experiment with hosting content on a .onion for research (or fun).

With OnionContainers you can publish simple content or host complex software on the "darknet" with the click of a button.

Female hacker in the dark illuminated by her laptop screen


OnionContainers is great for those who are curious about Tor and "hidden" services (although the prefered term is "onion services")

It is also for people who want to explore containerised software on a remote server but want to protect their privacy.

As an added bonus; if whilst utilising our service you find an issue then let us know, the Ablative Hosting Anonymity Guarantee works as a bug bounty too!


Free Demo

PreSelected Images

Choose one of the image types below, set any configuration and then launch within seconds!

Time Limited

The shell server will terminate after ~15 minutes, all other containers will run for an hour. If you need more time please look at the paid options.
(it will take severals seconds to a minute or two for the .onion URL to become operational)

Launch a free container now!

PrePay Upfront


Choose any Container

Specify any container you wish from Docker Hub or any other unauthenticated registry and we will pull down the image, prep it and then make it available for you to start as a hidden service hosted container.

Store Images In Our Registry

Paid customers will receive credentials to our .onion Docker Registry store images either for use with OnionContainers or elsewhere.

Per Minute Billing

Choose how long you want your container to live for (minimum 30 minutes), pay via Bitcoin, Monero or ZCash and you container will be bootstrapped.

Available Soon